Sunday, November 1, 2009

Zombie Massacre Pictures

The Zombie Massacre was a lot of fun - easily my favorite and best received game so far.

After a quick false start and reset, the first two zombies performed admirably! Here's their first victim:

Did Mr. Labcoat just throw her to the zombies so he could get away? Yes, yes he did.

Shortly after, one brave human decided to survey the scene - confident with his weapon. And, oh look! It's the infamous Kyle Orland of Crispy Gamer fame!

Yep, he died like a punk.

After the first few rounds, the survivors' numbers were dwindling! Only one man left to repopulate the species . . . but what a lucky guy!

In case you were wondering, the Left4Dead survivor closet trick worked here too.

Numbers continued to drop though, and a former ally soon turned fiend!

As their numbers swelled, the zombies grew more creative . . . with a Brains Refrain[TM]! [Note: need sound for this one]

It didn't take much longer till there was only one survivor to face the impending hordes.

She fought valiantly, all the way to her last bullet.

And although she eventually fell, we still crowned her Queen of the Zombies!

And so ended the 2009 Zombie Massacre, with a great time had by all!

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