Sunday, November 1, 2009

How to Host a . . . Zombie Massacre! [Feedback]

Did you run the game? Did you like it? Have suggestions? Leave feedback in the comments here!

A few notes from my own running:
  • There needs to be a more obvious start to the game - something a little more choreographed making it clear that the humans should start running.
  • The "narrator" needs to release the zombies after each round ends to ensure humans get a head start
  • To prevent locked door stalemates: no doors can be locked, but zombies can't open doors. After 5 good "bangs," the narrator can open the door for them (simulating a break-in).
  • A few weapons are fine even in round 1
  • The protectee concept didn't work too well, though some people like the target concept
  • This game was all kinds of fun. Pics and video to follow shortly.

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