Saturday, August 15, 2009

How to Host . . . [Your Own]

A few notes on organization pertinent to any of the posts/games here:

1. I make a lot of documents for these games. I'll describe the core of the games in posts, but don't hesitate to download the docs, they go into a LOT more detail.

2. I <3 spreadsheets. They're a tremendous tool, useful for organizing attendance as well as assigning roles. I'm attaching the ones I used, but I encourage you to make your own!

3. If you want to host any of the games I post, a good idea is to follow the tags: All of my games will be tagged with "Run Your Own" as well as the game name (e.g. "Spy Game").

4. If you try the game, please leave feedback in the "Feedback" tagged post for that game. I'll post anything I'm told, but the more that share the better! Suggestions, what worked/what didn't, whatever, is all very helpful. I intend to return to each game for refinement, so please share!

5. Other tags, such as "design," might be useful if you want to try refining any of my games for your own purposes. Let me know if you make any changes. . . more ideas = better games!

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