Wednesday, August 12, 2009

An Introduction

I suppose an introduction is in order before I simply start posting items to the blog. So here we go:


As my profile indicates, I'm an avid gamer and enjoy aspects of all types: card, board, video, whatever. I'm also a touch social. I really enjoy hanging out with people, and with the right motivation can generally muster up 10-14 people for an event, subject depending. Put these together and you get someone who regularly coordinates events.

Group Gaming:
Games like Rock Band, Mario Party, and the party side of Monkeyball were staples in college for me where it was easy to get an impromptu group together and we all had a lot of free time. After graduation, though most of my friends stayed in the same area, we had trouble getting everyone together for anything unless it was something big. Thus it was that I started organizing group outings.

I ran a traditional "Murder Mystery" with fair success (I did it on the cheap), but found I really wanted something more active.

So I took a group out for paintball. Awesome, but a bit much for a regular event and expensive to boot.

Deciding that there must be something middle ground-ish, I went hunting on the internet but found the offerings sparse. I'd find a few pieces of things here and there, but nothing quite like what I had in mind. Some required huge numbers of gamers, others were just threads of ideas - minor side games at parties.

In March of 2009, I ran a self-designed Spy game. It was generally well received (despite some problems), and I found I really enjoyed the design process as much as the game itself. So this fall I decided to design and run a Zombie game for Halloween. My wife suggested that if this was to be a regular thing, I ought to share the games with others. And so we find ourselves here.


I've only run the one game so far, but we'll see where the blog takes us. For now, I'll be writing about the design and structure of my past games and possibly bits on any game I'm putting together now. If you read anything and have a suggestion or criticism, please share!

The early posts may be a bit out of order as I jump between the old game and new, but tag navigation should keep you in the right spot if you're trying to follow a particular game. I'll try to keep the final versions of games isolated to single posts so anyone can try running one on their own.

Thanks for reading and happy gaming!

P.S. I'm a grad student at present, so be prepared for gaps in updates. I'll do my best to keep things regular though.

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